How to promote your music on TikTok and make it viral

Many artists today wonder how they can promote their music and grow their audience through social networks, and TikTok represents an excellent and valid opportunity!

TikTok is one of the most used, fast-growing apps, and the music that is shared and published is the basis of the whole platform and its functioning. Over 800 million active users worldwide share their favorite songs on TikTok through mini-videos of dance challenges, lip-syncing, and funny sketches.

TikTok is a very useful platform for music promotion and the search for new listeners. There are artists who, with considerable popularity on this app, have also grown on other platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube, making their music viral and increasing their listeners.  In this mini-guide, you will learn how to promote your music on TikTok and how to grow your audience by convincing them to use your songs in their videos.

Here are the tips for the quick success of your songs on TikTok

TikTok attracts a young audience.

Almost half of the users active on TikTok are between 16 and 24 years old. It is, therefore, the reference app for the younger audience that is paving the way for new musical trends. If this is the audience you want to attract, immediately dive into this new experience!

Use TikTok as much as you want

With this platform, it is not necessary to maintain a frenetic pace in the creation of content to have followers. Some famous artists publish very few videos, but their music manages to inspire hundreds or thousands of other people to create others using the artist’s songs.

Beware of hashtags

Just like Twitter and Instagram, TikTok works through hashtags. Share a mix of related hashtags for you, your music, and the general ones that all your followers will like.

Treat it like a community.

Follow other Tik Tok users and be interactive due to the people who participate in your competitions and who follow you. Reply to your fans’ comments, they will appreciate it!

Buy TikTok views:

When you buy TikTok Views from, your music videos get more visibility, and you can reach a whole new audience that helps you to get famous.

Use another platform to Share TikTok videos.

TikTok allows you to do it easily. With just a couple of clicks, your TikTok videos can be published on Instagram Stories or on Facebook. And you should do it, especially if you’ve just started on TikTok and your followers still don’t know you’re on the platform.

Collaborate with other

Duetti artists and reactions don’t have to be just between you and your fans. You can also use these same tools with other artists and create short videos together that will help each of you grow by exchanging followers.

Be prolific (if you like)

Since TikTok videos are short, simple, and focus on a small part and not on an entire song, it is possible to produce TikTok content very quickly and without much effort. If you produce more videos, you will improve more and more each time.

Now that you have learned what this important new platform for music promotion and growth is and how it works, you just have to publish your songs and create an account on TikTok!

Top 5 ways to make viewers like comment and subscribe to your YouTube channel

Do you have an interest in making videos and want to show your skill to the public? Do you want to share your videos with the audience but don’t know how to get the likes and more YouTube subscribers?

Nothing is impossible, you will have the expected number of viewers and likes one day, but the only thing is that you practice. Do hard work and follow few things to gain popularity and see yourself rising high in the sky.


Stay consistent and keep videos of a single type

The best thing to grab the attention of your viewers is that keep the videos similar. Try to make the videos on the same keyword. Once you start getting the views, you can change your video type, but keep on sharing the previous type as well.

Try using the keywords through which audience search your content, try to use strong searching tools so that viewers directly reach to your post. Try to make your video with a single topic or keyword so that it will be easy for your audience to reach you.

The quality of the video is crucial.

If you are not getting likes on your videos, then its time to worry. It may be because of the poor-quality videos that you are sharing with them. Before uploading your videos, make sure that the quality is good. Remember, the audience always hunts for the quality, not quantity.

Make sure your video has a high resolution, sound quality is excellent, and all stuff on videos must be clear. It must be engaging and eye-catchy, to create the video that is persuading for the viewers to try to watch the content that has millions of views and likes to get an idea what make the video different from others. Learn basic strategies to reform your video and bring quality in them.

Engagement with your audience

To get the comments for your videos, it is good to show your engagement with your audience. If they need any solution or give you some suggestions, take it positively to reply to them without wasting time.

It will help in building their trust. You will not only stay in touch with them, rather get the opportunity to improve.

Market your brand

To enhance your visibility among the audience, it’s important to market your brand. Your channel must look professional. It will help in the recognition of the brand. Add such stuff so that your viewers stay in touch with your videos.

You can use end-screen to show more about your products and give subscription details to improve your brand’s marketing.

Create relevant content

When we visit YouTube, we find many irrelevant videos that take the viewers away. If you don’t want to face situation and don’t want people to think your video a clutter then work hard, try to post the genuine videos of high quality that your audience love to watch download, like or comment.

To stay on YouTube and improve the number of audiences, it is good to keep on reviewing your videos. Share new one, off and on so public wait for your content and help in the improvement of ranking in this video streaming source.