New Font Style Options Being Tested on Facebook Posts

Our lives have been taken over by different social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. All these apps encourage communication and interaction in an efficient way. In order to make these apps user-friendly, they are constantly being updated. This constant update is also aimed to increase the level of interest of the users & help business for social media marketing in the particular app.

Of course, the new feature in the app makes people excited about it, and consequently the app is used more than before. This is what the app also expects from those who use it. Especially when a new option in the app brings more fun to it, more attention is caught. We all have been seeing different transitions in all of the apps since the time of our usage. There had been great changes, but few aren’t. Some transitions proved advantageous and made the app easy to use. But, in an overall sense, all those changes were important to be brought.

Facebook and the new text option:

New reports tell that the most used app called Facebook is now coming up with new effects in the text for the statuses put on the News Feed. This new option allow the users to try different stylized text options within the updates coming on the News Feed. When you write something to post as a status, you will find an option of Text Effects under the status bar. With this option, one can apply any text style to their status update. Currently, there are five different types of styles for the text one can select from. These types reflect those that appear in the Facebook stories. These are simple, casual, clean, headline and fancy.

Not so sure about the result:

These font styles are more focused on in the stories but being applied to the statuses is something we can’t say about. Colorful backgrounds were already being put to the posts. Therefore, the new change can’t be seen as something extraordinary. Also, with this new option the News Feed will appear quite messy if some connections are excited about using it while some aren’t. It will be odd to see different text styles throughout the feed. However, using it can be a bit of fun though.

Colorful backgrounds and the text options:

The app hasn’t come up with stats on how frequently the colorful backgrounds are being used on the posts. But, there would be some overlapping in those who apply the colorful backgrounds and those who also use the text options alongside. There is an evidence that tells that majority of the Facebook users do not apply colorful backgrounds to their posts. Since they aren’t a default feature, people aren’t convinced to use it. With the colorful backgrounds and text options, the app wants to grab the attention of the users. It is being investigated that whether there are new plans for the option.

Successful or not, the new changes in the app have to be made so that people can use it more and give feedback.