Why is Australia giving away many scholarships?

Australia is one of the countries that enchant international students from around the globe through its impressive natural beauty, the high caliber of life, and efficient as well as the productive educational system. Australia is home to various high-ranked universities, offering a welcoming and supportive environment and education and living conditions that students love and highly praise.

For many decades, the Australian Government has fully supported education and produced various emerging leaders from various developed and developing countries. Australian scholarships are very prestigious and offer valuable education to the next generation of global leaders, researchers, and professionals. There are currently about 3000 Australian scholarships offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to international students both at educational level and vocational sectors. This decision of increasing scholarships was taken by the government in response to the Government’s policy of Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty and enhancing stability. The government has recognized that education is a very important component of any investment for the development of the country. The Australia Awards Global Strategy outlines DFAT’s investment in Australia Awards and why the government is giving away increased scholarships. Some of the possible reasons behind the increase are listed below.

Cross-Cultural Ties

By giving scholarships and housing international students, Australia is able to share its culture and language with other parts of the world and introduce them there. Students who come to Australia make life-long relational ties and brings various benefits to the host country.

Beneficial Economic Impact

Offering scholarships brings a large number of international students to Australia. This benefits Australia by enhancing economic as well as institutional welfare. International students have been a vital source of economic stability and growth. As much as $245 million are added to the state revenue each year.


Scholarship programs are a very necessary tool which brings students from abroad to Australia. This is a very important step towards globalization that will help Australia become a prosperous state with national as well as international exposure.

A pool of opportunities

Competition for talent is fierce and takes place at an international level. By offering a wide range of scholarships, Australia is opening doors for knowledgeable and skilled students as well as researchers from around the globe. By teaching talented international students, Australia is also contributing to intellectual and academic capacity. Most of the students who graduate stay in Australia to pursue their career and hence opens a pool of opportunities. Even if they plan to go back they take with them strong Australian ties that will benefit the country in the long run.



Sum Up

To achieve all the possible benefits, Australia has set up Australian Awards that contribute to long-term growth and stability of the country. It not just brings economic and social prosperity but also helps Australia in building and strengthening its ties with the world. The end result is that an influential global network of leaders and advocates is build up and this ultimately establishes a network of ambassadors for Australia worldwide.