The best alternatives available in the replacement for Notepad++ mac 

Notepad++ is one of the most popular text editors but unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Mac. But there a lot of alternatives that are the best replacement for Notepad++ mac. As you know, Notepad ++ is an online text editor that is available free of cost for Windows users but these alternatives are not completely free. But you can find some best editing software for free and some require a nominal amount. Here we will discuss some best alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac and iOS. Let’s delve into it.

Sublime text

The first one which is best text editor for the Mac operating system is Sublime Text. It is considered as most famous and most used text editor software for Mac users. The reason is that its staple code editors for online text editor software. You can get all the significant features such as customizability, syntax highlighting and folding and editing. It gives you high-level performance for different kind of codes which are used.


Next up is the online text editor for Mac users is “Brackets” that is almost free. If you have not enough money to purchase the Sublime text then this is the best option for you to use this free text editing software. So, if you are Mac user and looking for a free text editing software then go to the Adobe’s bracket text editor option that will be proved the best alternative for Notepad ++ Mac with great features.

Komodo edit

Komodo is basically is an online editor and Integrated development environment (IDE). It is available with a large number of repositories from Git Hub. You can also get a large variety of themes and extensions that are great for your text editing. It has all the basic features that you need while doing text editing that is developed by IDE.



The last one in our list is “Atom” that is also a great option for Mac users as it is also a widely used and incredibly popular text editor, especially for the professionals. One of the biggest advantages of this text editor is that you can hack it easily to the core. And that way you can see anything if something is not happening according to your choice and you can easily change it as you want and make it happen in your way. You can also tweak different programs instantaneously such as javascript and HTML. It can also help you if you are unaware of different languages. It means now you have no need to learn different types of languages and you will no longer face any type of difficulty when you work on code editing or programming.


These alternatives for Notepad++ Mac come with a free-trial period version and that way you can choose the right one. You will not pay much for these above-mentioned alternatives. Try one of them for text editing and leave a comment in the comment section which among them the one you are going with is.