YouTube TV is getting a new on-screen guide on smart-home screens

When you don’t know what is going on, how will then you know what you actually want to watch and why?

Today Google has announced for the Youtube TV which finally would be getting an on-screen guide for it. This was announced before that at the time of the rebranding of Google hub home to nest hub and at that time, there was also the announcement for the new nest max hub.

Lately, there wasn’t just only that in real. When you are using the feature of the youtube, you can use your voice just for tuning a channel to whatever you want but you have to take care that there is nothing else going on around you so that the command gets its way right. This experience would be like a normal TV experience but having this experience on youtube is surely going to be the change for the users.

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Following are the details of what is going to be happening:

Cord-cutters had posted a tweet which stated that love seeing the youtube TV which is finally getting on their screen guide for the nest home hub and the max version. This tweet was posted on 7th May 2019.

However, there would be a bit more on the nest home max and for that Techno buffalo would be turned towards by the pals.

The max of the next hub is really what you would have been expecting till now as this is a combination. This is a combination of Nest camera with the Google home hub just to provide the users with an amazing experience and fun of both the worlds collectively in a single product. This has the screen with large HD orientation of 10 inches and it offers a complete range if it is compared with the normal one which was the smaller screen if watched on the Google home hub. Now there are stereo speakers too which could be used to have enhanced and a much better audio quality.

A nest camera is featured by the nest hub max that has all the best features due to which the nest cameras are made as to the best security cameras solutions till now available in the market. There are several other products too which are like Lenovo Display having its featured cameras but those cameras are only made with the perspective of video calling.

The nest hub max has it amazing features providing the users with a complete range of the security cameras that are enough to monitor and keep an eye at your home when you are not at home and away. Other than the camera, the nest hub max is amazing and it has almost everything which a user could expect from a platform being a google assistant having a smart display and a package of cool features. This summer the nest hub max would be available at $229 which is worth having to enjoy the superb features.

Who Is Inka Williams And What We Must Know About Her


Inka Williams is a French-Australian blogger who turned into a model. She was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She has spent some part of her life in Bali, Indonesia. She is now a social media sensation with followers up to 1.3 million. She is Virgo. She is dating Zak Henry who is also a model.

Inka is also known for her love for nature. Viewers can see it when see uses her platform to raise voice against the animal cruelties such as the horrific actions done on the rhinos. She posted the video related to that on her Instagram profile. She is also saving animals in Indonesia and helping them to have shelters. People can reach her through her Instagram profile and can see the shelter projects she has been involved in.

Modeling Career of Inka:

Before being a model, Inka was a blogger. When she discovered that she had the looks and body of a model she started to dive into the modeling world. She got recognized by the International Management Group or IMG models worldwide. Inka Williams has worked with Red Earth, H&M, Swarovski, Ripcord, Supre and BeBe. She also got featured in the top fashion magazines such as Elle Magazine Australia and for Vogue. She has also worked with Caroline Herrera which was a big career highlight for her. Inka is now an ambassador for Bonds which has given her a level up in the modeling career. Miranda Kerr is also one of the models that has been the ambassador for Bonds.


In an interview the model was asked about her routine and lifestyle to which she replied that she likes to set up her routine even if there is no work to do that day. The model added that she usually wake up at 8 am as it was a habit. She takes a shower, have a tea and then move on to her work routine where she has to attend the castings and meetings depending on the project which is being offered.

The model was asked that how did she feel about her following growing up in the Instagram to which she replied that as her pictures are mostly taken in Bali, Indonesia so most people loved the idea of moving to these beautiful places. This is the reason she stated behind her large following.

The lifestyle of the modeling is great as the models got the chances of traveling to some amazing places on the earth. There are some remote places in which a normal person would never think of going but models make an exception to involve themselves with the extreme natural beauty. The model has made trips to Morocco, Indonesia, England, Portugal, Netherlands any more places.

Popularity of the model:

According to celebrity sites, she is considered to be at the #6313 spot as the most popular model in the world. As a 19 year old model from Australia she is at the #5.