Best charities to donate to: Some popular charities in the world

Humanity is the main cause for which people donate to the charities. There are several million people in the world who do not have resources to meet their basic needs. They do not have the food to eat, money to get education and clothing as their basic elements of life. Non profit organizations work for such kind of poor people in the world. Several charities are found in the world to serve the humanity throughout the world. You have to find the best charities to donate to for serving the poor people in the world. You should search for the non profit organizations carefully to ensure that the money you give is spent on the appropriate cause. Some popular charities in the world are as follows:

  • Direct relief

It is the largest non profit organization working in the California. It was founded in 1948 in California. It provides medical assistance to the poor people in the united states and the rest of  the world. It is a popular non profit organization all over the globe. The organization is known for providing urgent and emergency medical treatments to the people. It provides medical supplies and materials to the people throughout the world.

  • The rotary foundation

It was founded in 1985 and works on the medical treatments and water and sanitation system improvements. It focuses on the prevention of diseases by providing medical awareness to the people. It has taken many initiatives for ensuring the disease prevention among the people. Polio is one of the major problems that the rotary foundation is working on. It is one of the best charities that you can donate to with the assurance that your money will be used for serving the humanity.

  • Samaritan’s purse

It was founded in the 1970s to help the needy people in the world. It helps people affected by the natural disasters such as flood, war and poverty protection. It takes many initiatives for the poor people in the world to eradicate the effects of the natural disasters. One of the initiative taken by this non profit organization is the delivery of the shoe boxes filled with the gifts for poor people. These boxes are delivered in more than 133 countries in the world. It provides medical supplies and materials to the people throughout the world.

  • Caring voice coalition

Caring voice coalition provides the courage to the patients who suffer from the severe diseases such as cancer. It empowers the patients and help them by providing the medical assistance.

  • United nations foundation

This is the non profit organization working on the projects of the natural disasters affecting people and the people affected by the war. It also works on the projects of the women empowerment, global health and peace and security. The major project taken by the united nations foundation is the energy mobilization in the world. It works to serve the poor people in the world by meeting their basic need including the medical assistance.


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